Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who is... Nora!

Did you know Alex Trebek is Canadian? Yup, well now you know! If you don't know who he is, he's the host of Jeopardy! It's pretty cool!

Today I wanted to post a little bit about myself for my new friends. I found this on Sabine's blog as well as Maggie's blog, and thought I'd try it out!

Who is... Nora!

1. What is your name? Were you named after someone else? Do you like your name? 
My full name is Nora Francesca Foster. My middle name, Francesca, is my dad's mother's name. I wasn't really named for her, but I pretend I am, because she is a really neat person! I like my name, because it's pretty unique, and it sounds cool!

2. Do you have any pets? If yes, what kinds, and what are their names? If not, why don't you have any pets?
I have a dog named Sutton. My sister named her, because she loves Broadway, and Sutton Foster is a really famous actress. I also have pet fish named Henrik and Daniel, named after Swedish twin hockey players, the Sedins, as well as a snail named Mona, that my other sister named.

3. Do you like to cook? What's your favorite food? Are you good at cooking?
No. Macaroni and Cheese! No. I should not be allowed by a stove, microwave, etc...

4. Where do you live? Have you ever lived in another country from where you do currently?
In currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I just moved there a week after Christmas. I am from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I lived there for most of my life (I BRIEFLY lived in Montreal). My mom got a really important job here, so we had to move.

5. What do you do in your free time?
I'm still trying out where to do my favorite things, here. I love playing hockey, acting, highland dance and studying animals and fish!

6. Do you like sports? What are your favorite sports?
Hockey is my absolute favorite sport! I really like soccer too. I also enjoy the winter olympics.

7. How old are you? Do you like being the age you are?
I'm 10 years old. Being 10 is pretty fun, but sometimes adults underestimate you, and I don't like that. 

8. Do you have a religion? What is it?
I'm Catholic, but I don't really go to church, or anything like that. It isn't a big part of my life, and I don't like to talk about it, because people usually judge you. 

9. How many languages do you speak? What are they?
I can speak English and French fluently. I also know a little bit of ASL, Italian and Spanish. 

10. Who do you live with?
Right now I live with my mom, Robin. My dad, Kenneth, is still in Canada finishing his job, packing things up, and trying to sell our house. He'll be here for good in a few weeks! I have two sisters, Nathalie Quinn Foster and Alice Jacoba "Cobie" Foster, but they don't live with me right now. Nathalie and Alice are both studying abroad, and won't be back for almost a year! 

11. What are five things people don't know about you?
1. I want to be a marine biologist or a news reporter when I grow up!
2. I'm really shy.
3. History is my favorite class, even though biology and zoology are my passions.
4. I love fashion, designing, not affording!
5. I am a competitive highland dancers and hockey player. 



  1. It is fabulous to get to know you Nora, what a fun bunch of questions to answer. It is always great to learn more about friends ..


  2. Salut, Nora!
    It's nice to meet you! We have a few things in common. I'm fluent in French (obviously ;)) and English, too. I am learning Spanish, and it is such a lovely language.

  3. Hi, Nora!
    It's cool to get to know you better. I'm Catholic and don't really go to church much either. My friend Olivia lived in Toronto for a brief time. She says Canada is a great place. But I think the US is, too!


  4. Hi, Nora!!!
    i love your blog, and it would be lovely if you checked out mine, i hope you don't mind me copying your idea with the questions


  5. Hi, Nora! It's fun to meet a fellow Canadian. Our family lives in Newfoundland.

    We look forward to reading more of your blog!


  6. Whoah! We look a lot alike! I'm not Canadian, but other that that, we have a lot in common!
    I'm using my mother's account, so don't mind that..
    (I have five other names than Lark- it's just the one I go by online! Don't try getting on my blog- Mom says it has to be private)