Friday, January 20, 2012

My Bedroom!

It's been a good week since I posted, but I'm been really busy! Today, I'm super excited to share the first real view of my bedroom! I get it all to myself until my sister gets back from Australia in the summer, so I'm using all the space I can for the time being!

These are my toys! I have Hamtaro rubber toys, and a space shuttle, and some playmobile animals, a rubber duck, a dinosaur, Kanga and Roo, my meerkat family, and my animals from the zoo! The poster in the back is of the 2010 Winter Olympic Mascots! They're names are Sumi, Quatchi, Miga, and Mukmuk! I have stuffed toys of them, but I'm waiting to get that box from Vancouver still, as some of our things are still at our old house. 

There are my ghilles, skates, and a pair of shoes. I'm a highland dancer. I'm still looking for a school in Cincinnati, but I practice by myself so I can stay sharp. I am also still waiting for my ice skates from Vancouver, but until then, I can practice with my roller skates. 

And because I don't have my fun hockey jerseys or crazy amounts of PJs here, I can fit all my clothes into a chest! It's nice not having many options in the morning, so getting ready is easy!

These are my favorite toys! Mickey the Mountie, Rhonda the Moose, and Franklin and Lily the Pandas!

These tys aren't usually on my bed, because my olympic toys are, but these are nice to sleep with too. The doll's names are Robin and Tessa, the bear is Duffy, and the hedgehogs are Katie and Mickey. 

These posters are on one of my walls. I really love the ocean, and maybe I could even be a marine biologist! I also love wild cats, Disney movies, and Muppets! The big maple leafs are from the Olympics. 

This is my other wall. The posters are for the Olympic hockey game (Where Canada won!), Victoria (Where I'm from), and the Canucks (My favorite team!)

I don't really like pink, but it's what I have right now. It makes the room seem a little bit more like home now that I've started to settle in. 

Do you have something you bring with you when you move or go on vacation to remind you of home?



  1. This is Marsali, I have a flamingo that I take with me when I go on trips, I love flamingo's and so it reminds me of my room which is full of them, and home. The only real flamingo I have seen was white, it had not been eating pink shrimp so it was not pink, weird. Anyway, I take it with me when I go places.

    Nora, this is Taryn, excuse her rattling off. I have my doll Rebecca who I take places with me .. Your room is really kewl, we are just setting up our room and have not gotten moved into it yet so we understand getting settled.

    We are so glad that you are blogging, it is fun to have new friends to make on the blogs.

    Marsali and I both Ice Skate and love it .. plus we rollerblade in the summer. I am just starting to take Highland dance with my sister Jayd who is a high level dancer, she is awesome.

    Ok, we will stop rattling away to you, talk to you laters,

    Taryn N Marsali

  2. Hi Nora,

    I love your room! It looks very cozy, and I love seeing what kinds of toys that you collect. Will you get an American Girl doll? I know you're not American (nor am I, of course), but we all know that non-Americans collect those dolls, too. ;)

    So, your sister is in Australia right now? What's her name? Do tell us more about her!

    I don't like to take anything special when I'm traveling. It might get lost or left behind. I had my bear (Lancelot, I think I named him?) with me once, and I accidentally left him behind at a host's. I mean, the host sent him home, but I didn't want that sort of thing to happen again, so I just decided not to bring anything special like that anymore. I'm not even terribly attached to Lancelot, but if I lost my UglyDolls, I'd be devastated! I did bring a few special items from France, though - my traveling gnome figurine and my childhood doll, Mathilde.


  3. Marsali, Flamingos are so cool! When I went to Disney World when I was little I saw some that were white too! They're so funny looking! I wish I could turn colors based on what food I ate!

    Taryn, Getting settled takes forever, doesn't it!? Blogging is really fun. I don't post there, but I like your blog. It's really funny! My sister ice skates, but I play hockey. So, in theory, it's kinda the same, but it isn't. Ice skating is fun too! Highland dance is fun! That's so cool that you do it too! Not many people know what it is, here!

    Sophie, Thanks! I would like to eventually get an American Girl Doll. They're really cool, but I don't have a lot of money right now. I defiantly want to work on getting one, though! I have two sisters, Nathalie and Alice, one is studying marine biology in Australia with an school program, and my other sister is in college studying theatre! I'll write more about them soon, promise!

    I'd be afraid of loosing something too, even if I could get it back! Hehe, gnomes are cool! You like Ugly Dolls? They look really cool, but I don't have one, either. I admire from afar! :P


  4. Hi, I'm Mac. I love you room! You have a lot of cool toys. I have a stuffed dog that looks like my Golden Retriever Rex. When my dog isn't with me, I feel better at least having the stuffed animal. It's the first thing that always gets unpacked.